Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oh! My camera! My camera!

The heart breaking truth is that I have been managing without a printer for the past few months. My Canon printer-scanner was dying for the past year or so, but I always managed to fix it till now (well, my first job out of the army was tech support for Cannon printers!) but now it is gone, dead, kaput. The scanner is still working though, so I am printing what I need at work (which is just as annoying as it sounds).

So now my stupid 4 years old Olympus decided to join. It shuts down with an annoying click each time I touch its front side. Every time I finish setting it for micro shots, I hear the click and poof it shuts to the sound of me cursing and swearing and then I have to reset it all over again, and then it shuts down again and so on and so forth. I can't explain how annoying that is, I can't stand things which should work fast but work unimaginably slow. That is just the kinda person I am.

I managed to take some pictures yesterday and today though (to the horror of my neighbors who had to hear my screams on the roof all morning).

Some new and improved shots of Angelica Flutterbutt

And also, new pictures of Apple and Mimi Flutterbutt

And finally, a picture of my new slippers! The distinct indicator it is starting to get chilly.

And last but not least - I am featured on the Stroque's weekend deals guide. Yay! I hope it will bring in sales. I also start a new ad campaign in Majaba this week. Very excited about that.

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