Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Etsy Israel

There has been a lot of interest in the Etsy Israel Team lately, and God knows I worked hard to get that attention.

First, I arranged an "Artist of Etsy exposed" treasury for the Israel team members. These treasuries, curated by VickiDianeDesigns usually get the featured artists tons of views and indeed, our list got almost 2000 views total! It was a great publicity for us and we all got lots of hearts (and maybe some sales as well).

Artists of Etsy Israel Exposed Treasury - 6.11.08

Next, with the help of Neta (who gave me a sock-doll making workshop which I highly recommend!) I found this commune of Israelis in Etsy on Tapuz. It seems a bit strange to me that a person with a shop with so little sales can offer private tutoring on selling on Etsy (not that I am a top seller myself, but I have my 14 years of tech support management and technical writing experience and a lot of experience in international customer relationship management). Anyway, I invited the members of the commune to join our Flickr group and team, and many of them indeed came forward asking to join! I am very happy about that. A growing team means our promotional endeavors have a much better chance of actually coming through.

Unfortunately, Rachel asked to stop being the team leader and contact person, so I took over (as if I don't have enough to deal with right now, blah! But I do enjoy this). I will do my best to revive the team action and website (I am not even sure what the URL is at this point in time!).

On top of this, I added a new Hebrew guide to my "Etsy for Hebrew readers" series. Now you can learn how to open a shop, list items, and create a treasury - all in the holy language :o)

Etsy for Hebrew readers - Guide to creating a Treasury Etsy-חדש! מדריך לישראלים ב Etsy Israeli shop opening service

All are available at the Hebrew section of my shop.

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