Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Moo and sighs

This has been such a bad day for me.. The last couple of weeks have been so-so with a hint of bad, but today simply did it for me. I am tired, sad, angry and tired. My eyes burn and the only thing keeping me away from my bed, even though it's not even 10pm yet, is my wet hair.

I did get some wonderful packages in the mail today, which I will tell you about when I am more energetic. In the meanwhile, I wanted to show off my new Moo business cards, which I got for free using an Etsy gift code (the only down side on this deal is getting a Moo ad on the front of the card, which really isn't that terrible at all). They turned out so wonderful, I had to flaunt them a bit.

New Moo business cards

I usually go for the recycled matte business cards, but this time, since I used several images of my jewelry on white background, I decided to go with glossy-silky finish. I think that was a wise description. As you may know, I use these cards as a thank you note card for my Etsy customers, so most of the back is left blank for a personal note. My absolute favorite image is that of Pinky and Barbie enjoying a quiet evening togeather.

Pinky and Barbie

And speaking of evening and quiet, I will go to bed now in hope of waking up feeling much better. I owe you guys an update on Tzipi's adventures in New Zealand, I have not forgotten that!

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