Monday, March 8, 2010

Whatever shall I do?

I am going through a little wave of blah, which is much like a tsunami, only it covers you with an overwhelming sense of blah (which, you must agree, is way better than walls of water). Still, if it was water instead of blah, I would not be worrying about my shop.

I want to come up with a new and exciting product, but all I can think of is blah as well as a little "munch munch" every now and then. I think the only thing I've done successfully these past few weeks, outside of work, is gain weight.

Tea time
I am all dried up, let's eat!

So I am calling out for help - if you have cool project ideas for me, or a source of inspiration which always helps you, or anything else you would like to share - please comment!


Ifat Vayner said...

great picture and setting of the dolls!

sometimes you just need to go to other fields in art that will give you inspiration...

look at this book maybe it will give you ideas:

and the exercise: to make a world for your doll from materials that belong to humans and are something else for your doll.
happy women day!

Ooty said...

אין לי רעיונות, אני דיי סתומת ראש לאחרונה
אבל את הרגשת לא טוב לאחרונה, אז אל תקשי על עצמך, ותני לעצמך מנוחה אם את צריכה אותה
ומשקל בא והולך ככה זה אצל האוהבים לנשנש שזה לא ידאיחג אותך דאגות משמינות יותר!

Jac-Ber Creations said...

I'm a bit blah myself lately too - it's very annoying!

How about a range of famous people lookalikes like your Queen Elizabeth one?

niftyknits said...

I think you will get lots of ideas from Tzipi's travels. I took her to the beach - maybe a mermaid?

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you're hoping for an entirely new product, but here are some ideas for Flutterbutts that popped into my mind:

Have you ever done period piece Flutterbutts? Like how about a 50s Flutterbutt with a poodle skirt and a 45 record in her hand? Roller skates could be fun too. Or a hippie Flutterbutt with denim bell bottoms, a little faux suede vest and colorful sunglasses? I'd love to see a punk rock Flutterbutt with a mohawk and a Sex Pistols t-shirt :P

Are you a John Hughes fan at all? It might be fun to do 80s Flutterbutts, maybe inspired by the characters from his movies--e.g. Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, etc.

I was thinking about my husband who is a true computer geek :) How about a tech-crazed Flutterbutt with a little laptop, blackberry, etc. Or maybe an old school nerd with glasses (band aid in the middle) and a pocket protector.

Another fun thing would be a crafter series. You could get inspired by all of the talented people on Etsy, and make Flutterbutts relating to their specific talents. You could do a seamstress, jeweler/metalsmith, painter, soap maker, photographer, knitter/crocheter, baker, sculptor, and so on.

Okay, looks like I've written a novella. Hope something in here inspires you :)

MORE4ME said...

איזה כיון של רעיונות?
הבגדים שאת עושה לבובות מקסימים? יש במידה
הקשתות שאת עושה מקסימות - אפשר להפוך את הרעיונות הללו לשרשראות מדהימות
בטח יעלה לי עוד- כתבי לי מה הכיון