Saturday, February 6, 2010

Here comes the Flutterbride all dressed in white

Thursday was the birthday of my relatively new and most beloved friend, D. Not only did this fine, sweet and beautiful lady turn 26 but she is also about to get married. Since I am the wedding attire stylist (dress check, jewelry and shoes on the way) I know what wedding gown she chose, and I know the wedding gown designer (Fish'n'dag) so I decided to make her a Flutterbride in her own image as a gift.

D's most striking feature is her long silky black hair. So of course, mini D had to have the same hair. It took me almost an hour working on it alone. Hard work, but don't you want to use her shampoo?


I took some artistic liberty with her wedding gown, since D has a very clean and elegant taste but Flutterbrides are a bit more fru-fru in nature. I added some lace and trimmings D would rather wed in a garbage bag than wearing. The red and fuchsia ribbon, though, is after the designer's style.


Finally, since D has a silly doggy who likes to eat things (and people) I decided to make her into a puppet mobile she can hang out of her reach. I decorated the wire with shiny transparent Czech glass and plastic beads, and Murano heart beads in silver and red.


I think D was pleased to get her fancy little Mini Me. She put her in the middle of the open space for everyone in the office to see, and placed a nice pink flowerpot right next to her, to compliment her gown. Later on, she realized something is missing to make her Mini Me really convincing as a double, so she added a final touch, which everybody agreed did the trick.

Mini D smoking a pretzel. Taken with my cell phone camera


nili said...

איזה מקסימה היא!

Sharona Reouveni שרונה ראובני said...

תודה רבה! היא יפה כמעט כמו אמא שלה


Shay Aaron said...

Don't you know that brides should keep their figure before wedding? Please tell her to stay away from carbohydrate until the wedding day! Little mini-her looks wonderful!

TheJoyofColor said...

Wow she is adorable and i don't agree with Shy she can eat whatever she wants, Twigi time is over !!! and i do like the ribbon!

Sharona R - שרונה ראובני said...

The actual D is stunning but thin as a twig.

The pretzel stands for a cigarette though, it was the closest we found in the office.