Friday, February 26, 2010

Desperately seeking sunglasses

I am desperately looking for mini buttons/pins/charms like these, size about 1.5 Inches (about 4cm) with lenses that can be taken out. I know they exist, because I had two and used them. I need them in all colors I can get. All I found so far are one piece with nondetachable lenses, which won't do. I have been looking for days now.

(Note, the above photo is from eBay, I did not shoot it myself or have any rights to it).

What I need is to use them as I did with my Mini Me (photo below). Please let me know if you sell these or know where I can buy them online, thanks!!!

Mini me's outfit


ayelet(nishale) said...

אם אראה כאלה איפשהוא תקבלי הודעה מיידית

juniejo said...

Sent you an email with links !!! Hope you find it useful

Barbra said...

Check these: