Monday, February 22, 2010

Good teachers are costly, but bad teachers cost more

I am not sure that Bob Talbert said the above about my latest creation, but ain't that the truth!

I was recently approached by a most wonderful teacher, who asked me to make her a hand puppet look alike pal to use in her classrooms. What an awesome request! She commissioned a blond, blue eyed full size puppet wearing a cool blouse and skirt, and a pair of glasses.

I used the gorgeous blond hair that was leftover from Marissa the puppet, which I cut to shoulder length. It has a beautiful natural hair color (ash blond, sort of grayish) and texture. I added blush and big red lips and long black lashes on her hand drawn eyes.

Custom ordered hand puppet

I had the perfect pale pink blouse waiting on my puppet apparel stock, but I had to go shop for a matching skirt. I was looking for a nice denim skirt, but ended up finding a cute brown skirt with a floral embroidery, which matched perfectly.

Custom ordered hand puppet

Since she is a teacher, I gave her a comfy pair of tennis shoes, then finished her up with some nice accessories - a pair of reading eyeglasses hanging on a beaded chain, some cute dangling earrings, and a pink sequin headband et voila! An excellent little teacher, who may be costly but is definitely cheaper than a bad one.

I hope the kids will enjoy their new teacher, I sure had fun making her and  also added a little extra feature the kids may appreciate - an inherent hate for homework.


juniejo said...

AHHHHH what a fantastic idea the teacher had !!! My friend this is truly an AMAZING peice of work !!! Your attention to detail is outstanding and I am sure the teacher and the children will just LOVE her !!!

ayelet(nishale) said...

she is abseluyely awosome!!!!!!!!!!!

MORE4ME said...

אני רוצה גם חולצה כזו

Sharona R - שרונה ראובני said...

נכון חולצה מגניבה? כמו חולצת פולו עם שרוולים נפוחים ופלמינגואים קטנים, אם אני לא טועה


Thank you Juji!!!

niftyknits said...

Brilliant - if only I was still a teacher!