Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Updated shipping

Last night I worked on updating my shipping prices for both Raisinlike and Ribbonzella. With the latest increase in shipping process and decrease in US Dollar, it was due.

For two hours (two hours!!) I summarized new shipping costs in tables, converted to Dollars (with the kind help of Google), weighed my items, created new shipping profiles and batch updated shipping on both my shops.

So now, my shipping is not only updated - It is also cheaper for many items.

I created my new profiles based on weight and packing material (box, envelope, or bundle) and invested a lot of thought (and calculations, which I hate) on the secondary shipping costs.

Also, before I only had Israel and Everywhere Else, and now I have separate shipping each of the four shipping rates of the Israeli Post Service, plus shipping to Israel. Everywhere Else is now based on the highest rate, so if you are from an unstated country, you can convo me to ask for specific shipping rate to your country (or better, I can refund people for shipping differences, that is always good for service!).

So there you have it, buying at my shops just became even more worthwhile! Who would have thought?


KnockKnocking said...

well done!! It can take a while, but it is worth it!

Sharona R. said...

Yes indeed.

niftyknits said...

oh well done! it really does take some time, doesn't it?

Sharona R. said...

Oh yes. I even made some finishing touches last night.

tupelolondon said...

Two hours, well good job. I am sure it was well worth it. Great colorful stockings!

Linda said...

I know I have this chore to do in September. It's not easy grappling with sterling and the dollar and the constant sliding about of the values.