Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New ad on Craftcult and marketing stuff

I just added this ad on Craftfult (if you don't know their Etsy Heartomatic, get acquainted with it now). What do you think? Would you click it?

New Craftcult ad

I am experimenting in niche oriented promotion, although I am not sure doing it this late and this tired is such a bright idea.. Who do you think my target crowd, or niche is? Please don't say kids, I don't create for kids. Apart for that - I am open to anything: nurses, teens, salty cheese, software engineers, anything.

I am also looking for blogs to be featured in, so if you have any suggestions - do share.


Chen Shapira said...

Target audience - Quirky and fun individualists who love showing off their creativity. And people who'd love to be quirky, fun and creative but are not sure how.

Which reminds me: Its high time you write the Sfogie user guide. I'm on the verge of buying Trudie since you first promoted her, but I have no idea what one does with Sfogies, and I don't want her to end up just sitting there in the corner.

Sharona R. said...

Thanks dear!

I have a one page "everything you need to know on operating a Foamie" I send with puppets, plus - there is this

If you want her, let me know - I will reduce 10% (repeat customer discount, given to nice people like yourself :-)

Silvia said...

I would klick it!
Best wishes, Silvia

Sharona R. said...

Thank you Silvia :o)

Chen Shapira said...

Erez has an amazing singing voice. I never realized. I'm wondering why he never showed up for Mifgash Zamruri.

I was thinking of an "Advanced Sfogie User Guide" including things like:

* Blogging for Sfogies
* Sales and Marketing for Sfogies
* Dating for Sfogies
* Tarot Reading with Sfogies
* Telling your brother exactly what you think of him with a Sfogie

And thanks for the gracious offer :)

(I'm sure you can come up with more)

Shay Aaron said...

Love the tiny ad and I think it's click worth!

DJ said...

Good luck with your ad. I've had sucess on craftcult in the past :)