Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Seriously freaky stuff

Two nights ago, I was lying in bed, half asleep, and thinking all these illusive fluid thoughts you think as your mind gradually slips into the first stage of sleep when suddenly my eyes opened - I saw an image of a polymer clay Flutterbutt ring, it was there as clear as the computer screen is in front of me now.

This, of course, ruined my sleep. I turned on the light and created a reminder on my cell phone so I can go back to sleep without getting out of bed. There was no need to do that, since the first thought on my mind the next morning was "I didn't touch my Fimo in over a year, I wonder if it is not too dry to work with".

Well, I am afraid it wasn't. Last night I stayed up, even though I was very tired, and made three samples. One is too horrid to show a living creature. The second was strange, and I turned it into a brooch.


The last one was even stranger, and I made a Fluttering out of it.


I am not sure what to do with these. My mom says no one in their right mind would wear such a jewel, which must mean there is a huge market out there waiting for more Flutterings!


So, what do you think?


Christie Cottage said...

Well I love them. I would make them into brooches.

Sharona R. said...

Cool, thanks :o)

Joyce said...

I think kids would love te ring !

Designs by Jenai said...

I think they are cute and very creative. They could be thank you gifts when you send out packages, blog give-aways, and you should add some to your store and see how they sell.

Laughing Fridge Art Magnets said...

Aww, it's an endearing little face! I think little girls might wear them, and the brooch idea is good too. Good luck, and try not to lose any sleep over it, lol. Donna

Sharona R. said...

Thanks guys!

I actually don't create for kids (CPSIA makes it impossible, plus I am more into silly adults than normal kids :o). I wonder if I should make more and list them on my shop or not..

Anyway, I think one of these tests will be used in a blog giveaway very soon!