Friday, September 12, 2008

I love the end of summer

The smell of guavas, and summer end of season sales. For the first time in a long while I feel like my old self. With all the things that happened this past two years, and with the weight I gained till lately, I forgot how wonderful it feels to wear beautiful cloths.

I bought these amazing pants at the end of summer sale at Alambika. 30% off, still expensive, but they are just perfect. They are just the right length, look perfect with sandals and a tank top with a a big necklace. And I already plan to narrow the waist when I lose more weight.

The purple blouse is from Zara, and is so cool! It sit very loosely on the body, and has this wonderful pompom, flowers and wood built in necklace. Blouse and accessory in one! I bumped into Flora the fashion journalist yesterday while wearing it, and she thought I made the necklace, which is always a good sign.

New dress
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And this amazing oh so orange dress from Tovale's was half price. It looks like a nurse outfit gone mad, and fits my very pale skin. It is just the right length, looks wonderful from behind and has beautiful sequin details.There is no way I will not get noticed in this dress.

I have to say "yay" for Naama (the designer). Her last two collections were simply terrible. Old and boring. Nothing like her older inspired work. This year, it seems she made a huge improvement. You can see how I love her designs, I am wearing her on my blog picture! Ah, that is the cutest shirt in that picture. I hope I will lose enough weight to wear it soon. Here is a wonderful picture from 3 years ago with me wearing all Tovale's.

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