Thursday, November 5, 2009

What's up with my ranking plunging down?

I just noticed my Etsy shop ranking went down from 3/10 to not available. I assume this is due to Etsy recently changing the unmasked shop URLs from those with a number at the end to[your shop name] as part of their recent strives to comply with SEO trends. You can still get to your shop by typing [your shop name] but as far as search engines are concerned, I guess the longer link is what matters.

According to this, it will take search engines several weeks to update their page ranks. I hope this means that next month my ranking will return to its usual, but still - damn it. Why do it now, just before the holidays?

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beicreations said...

Mine's down to 2/10! This whole thing confuses me. I thought the 301 redirect thing meant our shop addresses are supposed to be - so I don't get this.

BTW, love your flutters!

Sharona R. said...

Thanks Dee :o)

After reading this I feel slightly less and slightly more confused at the same time.

So okay, it takes a few weeks for search engines to reknow you, but then what? Will the ranking be back to the old one? God knows..

niftyknits said...

totally confused. I'm 3/10 apparently - but is that good or bad? I have no idea.

Sharona R. said...

I was 3\10 and I think it's nice for a little shop like we guys have.