Saturday, November 7, 2009

Custom orders for the holidays and other shop news

Happy weekend all! How is your weekend going?

I am bored to death. I have tons of things to do, but don't feel like doing any of them. I also intended to make new headbands, but the main supply (i.e. the headbands) is late to arrive from the states. What a bummer..

My shop is not bored though - it is busy getting ready for the holidays!

Weekend sale - Buy one get one 50% off

This weekend (Ending Sunday the 8th) on my shop, you can buy 2 items and only pay 50% for the cheaper of the two. This is a wonderful chance to buy holiday gifts for a good price, or even better - buy a gift for your loved one as well as one for yourself!

I will refund you via Paypal once you paid, unless you want to convo me in advance and let me know what you plan on buying, so I can revise the price in advance. Whichever you find more comfortable.

Note - Due to time zone differences, it may take me a few hours to refund you so don't worry if you don't hear back from me within the hour.

Santa Flutterbutt

Custom orders

I am accepting custom orders for Christmas till November 14th (after that, you will have to use express shipping, which costs about 28$ extra).

Custom gifts options include - full size hand puppet, mini hand puppet (last year I made several of these - both tree toppers without the moving mouth and as gifts for men) Flutterbutt (doll or puppet mobile). I can also make you a custom hand painted greeting card or anything else you want from my variety of products. Convo me on Etsy, use Alchemy, email me, or leave me a comment here for details. The prices on the ready made listings are a suggestion. Sometimes your order will cost less or more, depending on its complexity.

Closing shop

The shop will be closed between 14.11.09 and 20.11.09 so please consider this when planing your holiday shopping.

Holiday shipping guidelines

These are my international shipping deadlines for the upcoming holidays:
  • Thanksgiving Day 26.11.09: Last international shipping date is Monday 9.11.09
  • Hanukkah Eve 11.12.09: Last international shipping date is Monday 23.11.09
  • Christmas Eve 24.12.09: Last international shipping date is Sunday 6.12.09
My most beautiful customer
enjoying her gift on Christmas morning


candleguy821 said...

Good holiday season to you, I am pouring Frankincense and Myrrh, if you see any wise men wandering about point them out to my shop. I hope you are well, your friend Donald

Sharona R. said...

I actually saw three wise looking men near Bethlehem the other day. They asked me about nice handmade candles, and I sent them your way :o)

ayelet(nishale) said...

וואי איזה פוסט מקסים! וכמה השקעה
מרוב הקיץ שלא נגמר אני שוכחת שבקרוב חנוכה וקריסמס

Israel's first high-tech puppeteer said...

תודה מותק שלי! עוד מעט יהיו גשמים נעימים וכיף רגוע בבית