Friday, April 3, 2009

Etsy Israel Team pre Passover sale (and Orit)

I am just back from our first handmade gifts fair. It was a blast!

First of all, finally some members of the Etsy Israel Team got to get together and meet in real life (where there's no keyboard).

Studio 42
The place itself was wonderful. A very industrial little space in Florentine in south Tel Aviv, with naked walls and flooring, and a little yard as well. We each setup our stands at different corners of the space.

My stand
I setup my stand under a guitar

Odelia, whose boyfriend rents the place as a studio, had a very fitting setup on hanging shelves beneath the stairs to the gallery floor.

Studio 42 - inside
Man, those recycled plush dolls are so good looking.

Veek brought her wonderful knitted jewelry. I traded with her for a wonderful knitted and beaded necklace.

Veeek's stand

I also traded with Irina (moohahaha) whose jewelry is very elegant and lovely.

Irina's stand

Orit created a lovely presentation, even though she is not on Etsy (yet) . It looked so good on the bare concrete wall.

Shay's doing business
Two dsiplays for the price of one - Shay closing a deal under Orit't display

We had lovely visitors, some nice sales, great trades, lots of cookies and crisps, a great sunny weather, and saw a lot of dogs. The bottom line is - the next sale will be held soon. So start saving up for some wonderful handmade gifts!


Linda said...

**EXCELLENT** that it went well. So thrilled for you, great to see photos.

Ooty said...

wow!!! it all looks great!
I am soooooooooo happy for you guys!!!!

behappynow said...

it really looks fun!!!!! I want to be there in next sale!!!!!!

thanks for sharing!!!!

Sharona R. said...

Thank you Linda and OOty! It was loads of fun.

You should Jenny, stay updated on our FLickr forum.