Monday, August 29, 2011

August in pictures

August, being my last month in my parents' old house (well, penthouse) was spent working, looking for new accommodation and playing in my inflatable pool like a 3 year old. You can guess which of the three I enjoyed most..

Notice the strategically placed smurf ;o)


Moohahaha! Oh yes, leaving here in a couple of weeks will be hard and probably teary, but I have a new and improved life ahead of me, so I am excited. And as for the pool, I will miss it a lot but till I get my own roof or yard again, I plan to be spending a lot of time in the country club swimming pool. It's time to start playing in the grown up's field, so wish me luck!


Don't look back in anger said...

Visita mi blog! Ya visite el tuyo!

Grace said...

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