Saturday, April 9, 2011

A lovely weekend in pictures

Last weekend was so lovely! I took many photographs to remember and share, and here are my favorites.

I started the weekend holding a used clothes sale on my rooftop with my friend and fellow fashion blogger Tamar. We sold cloths we no longer need as well as my puppets and handmade jewelery. It was tons of fun and we're holding another one tomorrow.

Saturday, my friends and I drove to the country for a Collage Sale with many wonderful handmade artists and small businesses who sell shabby chic items.

I also took many photographs around the village, since everything was in bloom and so beautiful. I wonder if I can live in a place like that without going out of my mind with boredom..

Later on that afternoon, I came back home and decided to work on the garden and plant the flowers and greens I bought the day before, after spending a miserable afternoon visiting my dad's grave. Nothing cheers me up like flowers do. They are my favorite thing in the world.

That's about it! Here's to a wonderful weekend for all of us. Passover starts in about 10 days, which means very long weekend and holidays for yours truly, yay!

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