Saturday, December 4, 2010

My favorite place on earth is burning

Israel is currently facing the greatest natural catastrophe since its establishment - An enormous forest fire has set the north of the country ablaze, with the entire Mount Carmel burning for over 3 days now and no end of it in sight.

So far, 41 people had died in the fire. Most of them prison guards who were on their way to evacuate a prison on one of the mountain tops when their bus got caught in a fire trap and burnt to the ground. Entire towns and villages have been evacuated and burnt. The animal population is partially extinguished. Today, my favorite place in the world has died. The Carmel Resorts Spa and Hotel has been burning since noon and shows no sign of the fires burning out, putting the entire area at risk.

The last time I was there was quite a while ago, on my 30th birthday. I went alone to enjoy the quiet and the view. It will be years before I am able to go there again, but I am certain they will rebuild the place, as they will the entire area.

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Junie said...

Awwww my dear friend this is sooo soooo sad !!! There are people dying there from heat and fire and there are people here dying of cold .. what is the world coming to !!! SENDING YOU HUGS

Sharona R - שרונה ראובני said...

Thank you my dear friend. That weekend has been hell, even at the comfort of my living room. It ripped my heart out.