Monday, January 4, 2010

World Traveling Flutterbutt

I haven't blogged lately, due to my cold-flu thing now turned sinus infection, but I wanted to write a short update regarding my World Traveling Flutterbutt Project.

The little lady is almost ready to go. I will write an introductory post, of course, during the next few days. But in the meanwhile (aka - till the antibiotics kick in) I would like to ask anyone who wants to join and haven't done so yet to comment here!

The hosting guidelines will be, more or less, as follows:
  1. Take good care of the Flutterbutt and make sure she is not eaten by stray dingos.
  2. Ship the Flutterbutt to its next host by registered mail, so we have a tracking number to follow-up on.
  3. Write about your mutual adventures on your blog and add photos.
I will be making a "I hosted a Flutterbutt" button for the participating blogs, so they can boast in their glory.

Okay, headache now. I am looking forward to your comments!

In the meanwhile, here is another world famous Flutterbutt traveler,
Pinky during our trip to London


Snowbell said...

Hope you feel better soon... do you think the Flutterbutt would like to come to London? If the answer is yes, I'd love to be host :)

Sharona R. said...

Why, of course!

Fyrecreek said...

Oh, count me in! If she won't be embarrassed to meet the still-clothes-less Noam (hanging my head in shame commences in 3..2..1...).

Sharona R. said...

Still naked?? What a world!