Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My favorite blogs revealed

Today I thought I would share some of my favorite blogs with you.

I just love checking what my favorites' favorites are. I think that is the best way to find websites I will love - based on where people with similar taste to mine, or taste I admire, find inspiration. On Etsy, I check my favorite shops' favorites every once in a while, as a method of finding wonderful new shops. And on my favorite blogs, I look for the blogs they follow. Many times I find treasures that way. So I thought maybe I can return a favor and pass on some of my findings.

Fashion Blogs
  • The street walker - Yael Sloma's Israeli street fashion is as good (if not better) than similar internationally acclaimed websites.
Inspirational Blogs
  • WooWork - Howie Coquitlam is the most ingenious, funny, and bright crochet artist you will ever meet. And his item photography skills are outstanding.
  • Doll stories - Neta Amir is not only a wonderful textile designer, but also a great blogger. Her words bring her creations to life.
  • Illustratively - Heidi Burton is a wonderful, warm, and bright illustrator. I wish I were her (or, alternatively, owned everything she makes)!
  • The Small Object Steno Pad - Okay, everybody knows Sarah Neuburger's creations, but do you know her blog? Not only does she share her creative process, but also shows us her lifestyle (cooking and design), which leaves me day dreaming about my next apartment quite often.

Online Sales Gurus

  • Timothy Adam's blog - one of the most popular Etsy sales gurus is happily sharing his sales tips and methods.
  • Life, craftiness and everything else - Anna's (aka - The House of Mouse) blog is both cute and informative. She shares tons of excellent tips for increasing your Etsy sales.
Hebrew Blogs
  • Handmade by Mekoopelet - everything I wouldn't expect to find at an Israeli crafts blog - fun, bright, and colorful.
  • Moran Yossef's blog - Moran is an accessories designer who owns a lovely blog about fashion and more.
  • טכנומיסטיקה - Ido's blog combines technology, mysticism, cloture, and media in a very appealing and interesting fashion.
  • Be the change - A spiritual blog which calms me down and makes me smile from within.
And just for fun
  • History Buff - a history news blog hosted by historian and author Michelle Moran (who wrote Nefertiti).

Cat and mouse

Ah, my poor dead laptop. Bless its troubled soul.

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