Saturday, October 4, 2008

Carfty paper galore!

My friend Yael came back from a short but sweet vacation in England and brought me a wonderful Indian paper craft pack by Globe Enterprise. I was first amazed with how beautiful it is, and then worried cause I am a horrible paper crafter. What ever shall I do with all this goodness?

A gift from London

Then came Junie to the rescue and suggested I make envelopes out of them. Oddly enough, while I was waiting for Junie to send me a template, I stumbled upon this blog. So I took my favorite little envelope, tore it open, and made a template - et voila! The perfect envelope for my "Thank you for buying" and mini Moo's.

Thank you Junie! The perfect little envelope!

How wonderful is that? And on top of that, Poopki got a brand new royal outfit for her duckie.

And duckie got a new suit too