Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rubber stamp

Every aspiring dictator needs a rubber stamp. I already have one for my Etsy shop, but it is in English and I have plans for Israel too. So I was shopping for a Hebrew stamp and that brought me to the amazing, talented and oh so nice Mekoopelet.

After I initiated contact ("Hello I plan to control the world, and need a rubber stamp") Mekoopelet and I started a correspondence where I described what I am looking for, she sends me a draft  and so forth. We worked on several options, including either my website address or my phone number. Combining both would create a big stamp, and I wanted a relatively small one. She also suggested several illustrations, based on photos I sent her. It was quite clear from the get go, that Pinky would have to appear as my logo.

An advanced draft
Eventually, I decided I want to go with the smaller stamp, with my name and the Pinky sketch only and asked Mekoopelet to create two separate mini stamps - one with my URL (for business purposes) and one with my phone number (for stamping my books and taking over the world) and so she did! Yesterday, I received this wonderful wrap in the mail.

My new Pinky stamp

Next Pinky and I did some test stamping. Needless to say, he was very excited. Mekoopelet also sent the beautiful mounted stamp card you can see on the photo.

My new Pinky stamp

Finally, when we agreed we are satisfied, Pinky called Shafani (Pinky's stuffed bunny) to help with an official rubber stamp portrait. Remember this portrait well, for it may flutter on the flags of our proud nation one day soon (you would expect my portrait wouldn't you? But I know Pinky, and I know who is really having the last word around this house).

New Pinky stamp

Are you a megalomaniac freak or a handmade artist? Do you sell vintage clothing you need to label or maybe would simply like to get your books back when you lend them? Email Mekoopelet today, order a stamp and tell her Pinky sent you.


Chen Shapira said...

Next in Sharona's todo list:

1) Monocle
2) Persian cat
3) Yes man (must be sexy)

Sharona R - שרונה ראובני said...


Heather Leavers said...

Great stamp! I have a very boring stamp from vistaprint with my address (for the back of parcels). My stamp had the advantage of being FREE which is why I have it ;-)

psssst blog quietly please, Tzipi is snoozing.

Sharona R - שרונה ראובני said...

Free is good :oD

רחלי said...

looks great. Mekoopelet is the best, she's such a funny person.

אפרת said...

שפני חמוד נורא. מאוד מתחשב מצדך לעשות לפינקי בובה משלו. הפוסט מאוד הצחיק אותי (בעיקר התוכניות להשתלטות על העולם). תתחדשי על החותמות.

Sharona R - שרונה ראובני said...

שפני דוקא זקן כמעט כמוני. הוא הגיע בכיס קטן שהיה בגרביים שאבא שלי קנה לי כשהייתי קטנה, מכאן שהוא זקן וחכם או משהו